Giant Map on a wall

Maps in the Home: Inspiring Ways to Display Canvas Wall Maps

Welcome to our Canvas Wall Maps showcase, where the beauty of cartography meets the warmth of home decor. Here, we present a curated collection of captivating photographs that illustrate how our exquisite canvas maps can elevate the ambiance of various living spaces. Whether you’re an adventurer at heart, a geography enthusiast, or simply looking to add a touch of sophistication to your home, our canvas wall maps offer a unique fusion of art and geography. Join us on a visual journey as we explore how these meticulously crafted maps find their place in different homes, adding a sense of wanderlust and worldly charm to any room. Discover how the world can be at your fingertips, beautifully displayed on your walls, as we unveil the art of map decor.

A Grand Map in the Heart of Home

In our first featured photograph, we take you to a spacious lounge room that exudes timeless elegance. Though the staircase remains hidden from view, what captures your attention is the commanding presence of a colossal historical map. This magnificent cartographic masterpiece adorns a towering wall that stretches through two floors, creating a striking focal point. Above the arched passage leading to another room, this meticulously detailed old map sits with unwavering confidence, adding an air of sophistication and heritage to the entire living space. Join us as we embark on a journey through different homes, where canvas wall maps seamlessly blend history and aesthetics to transform living spaces into captivating works of art.

A Grand Map in the Heart of Home on a Big wall
Historical World Map in a Modern Dining Room

A Taste of History at Every Meal

In this inviting dining room, the world’s rich history takes center stage. Gather around a beautifully set dining table, where conversations flow as smoothly as the design itself. Above a finely crafted wooden cabinet, a custom-made historical world map, elegantly framed, offers a sense of adventure and wonder with every meal. It’s worth noting that this map is a unique custom creation, smaller than the ones we offer for sale. Remember, you can also request customizations to make your canvas wall map truly unique.

Dine Amidst Global Inspiration

Step into a dining room that radiates warmth and creativity. Vibrant red chairs, a cozy swing chair, and a hint of a red sofa create an atmosphere of comfort and conviviality. Above the swinging chair, a world map unfurls its details, inviting you to dine amidst a world of inspiration. Without a visible frame, this map effortlessly becomes a dynamic piece of art. Discover how this dining space harmoniously blends comfort, style, and a global perspective.

Red dining room with world map on the wall
War map of Middle States above the Staircase

A Historical Ascent: War Map of the Middle States

As you descend the staircase in this remarkable home, your gaze is drawn to a vertical masterpiece – the “War Map of the Middle States.” This captivating historical map, framed in rich, dark wood adorned with visible nails, adds an air of intrigue to your journey. Explore the strategic landscapes of the past as you walk down the stairs, and experience how our canvas wall maps can turn a stairway into a voyage through time.

Charting Freedom: Gay’s Freedom San Francisco

In this unique stairwell, discover a burst of color and celebration with “Gay’s Freedom San Francisco.” This vibrant map captures the essence of the city’s diverse culture and history. As a testament to our commitment to customization, remember that we can create all sorts of custom maps to suit your preferences. Whether it’s a cityscape or a cherished memory, let our maps be your canvas for personal expression as you ascend to new heights.

Gay's Freedom San Francisco Map next to the Stairway
Map of Africa in the home Office

Exploring Africa from Behind the Desk

In this captivating home office, the world takes a prominent role behind the desk. A beautifully framed map of Africa, with a design reminiscent of tribal spears, adorns the wall. This map provides an inspiring backdrop for any workspace. The wooden desk and antique lamp add an element of warmth and sophistication to the room. Embark on a journey of imagination and exploration right from your home office with our distinctive canvas wall maps.

A Glimpse of London’s History: Office Edition

Step into a home office where history and productivity coexist seamlessly. In front of the desk, a vintage map of London unfolds its intricate details. Though unoccupied at the moment, this desk is ready for the next session of work or research, with a computer, lamp, books, and a comforting mug. Positioned facing the map, one can dive into London’s rich past whenever inspiration strikes. Discover how our canvas wall maps make your workspace not just functional but also a source of inspiration and reflection.

London's History Map at a Home Office Desk
Ocean Floor Relief Map in a colorful Living Room

The Depths of Elegance: Ocean Floor Relief Map

In this vibrant living room, the couch is a symphony of colors, and behind it, a world of wonder awaits. A magnificent map, meticulously depicting the floor relief of the oceans, takes pride of place. Dressed in various shades of blue, this map’s heavy wooden frame adds to its presence. A plaque proudly proclaims it as the “Floor of the Oceans.” Explore the depths of both style and knowledge in this living space, where the couch becomes your gateway to the mysteries of the deep.

The World Beckons from Behind the Leather Couch

Adjacent to a sumptuous dark brown leather couch, this living room exudes comfort and warmth. Draped in cozy blankets, the couch invites relaxation. On the wall behind, a map of the modern world, complete with contemporary countries, rests in a dark wooden frame that harmonizes with the couch’s color. While no one occupies the seat at the moment, this map offers a daily invitation to explore the global landscape. Unwind in style and immerse yourself in the world’s diversity from the comfort of your living room.

Modern World Map behind a Leather Couch