How did it all begin?

Canvas Wall Maps was born from an age-old friendship between Blaz and Vasja – uni mates that went their own way and stayed connected across the globe in a new and exciting way – through this business partnership. We are based in Sydney, Australia close to the Blue Mountains. If you would like to have a chat in regards to the maps, please call us on (02) 4735 2705 or send us an email.

Our maps journey initially started after a trip to the Louvre museum in France, Blaz was so impressed by the super large art painting of “The Wedding at Cana” by Paolo Veronese that he immediately started thinking about how to fill the big empty walls in his house. The painting is almost 10m long and over 6m high. A few months later, the first map was born. That was in 2011. Since then many maps were made and sold across the world. Blaz is selling the maps under the brand name Zmaps. They are being displayed in homes, bars, hair salons, offices, you name it. We started Canvas Wall Maps to share this piece of European historical spirit with Australians.

We offer exceptional new and old world maps that are made in Slovenia end express shipped to Australia. Our maps are crafted by a team of avid travelers for travelers, for those who enjoy beautifully handcrafted maps which feel undeniably ancient.

What makes Canvas Wall Maps special?

Our maps can be huge!

We are proud to say we can make maps that range from tiny ones to absolutely giant maps that can cover a wall of a castle.


If you like a map but the dimensions specified don’t fit, we can work with you to craft a map that will fit perfectly on your wall.

Fast turnaround

We have already made maps in stock. If you want a custom map you can have it on your wall in 2 weeks.

Quality difference

We are using the best quality canvas and tested printing techniques. Guaranteed to last for generations.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Don’t settle for cheap prints or 3 piece art! We offer a variety of large maps in one piece and we stand behind our maps 100%.

Handled with care

As a small business, it is one of our priorities that your product is handled with care. If you have any questions or requests let us know and we’ll make sure everything runs smoothly.

A few words from the founders

I am Vasja

I am here to connect your wall with the perfect vintage map from Canvas Wall Maps. I enjoy the smell of wood as much as a good gin and am a collector of finer customised treasures. My philosophy is to create high-quality products that last, rather than mass production. Environmental conscious, I want to be able to keep trekking mountains and trimming my garden. We also have another store selling natural wooden rings. Check us out at

I am Blaz

The founder of Zmaps the sister site to Canvas Wall Maps. Inspired by “The Marriage at Cana” from a Paris museum of Louvre, I created my first map back in 2011. Soon after, I started offering the maps on Etsy and on my ZMAPS website. I love to trot the globe with my lovely wife, Mojca, and 2 kids. When I am not at work in my workshop, I enjoy writing, back-country skiing, big game fishing, sailing, and being a family man. Here is a video about a trip I did with my mates – crossing the Atlantic from Europe to America on a sailing boat.

Personalise your map

We have a broad range of premade maps. But we understand that there are many different walls in this world, as well as many different room design choices. Below are some ideas of how you can personalise your map. Get in contact with us, and we can help you with selecting the right map for you and picking the correct map size.

Select the right size of the map for you. They can be extremely large or very small.

Engrave your inscription to the frame.

What kind of frame do you like? This is a metal frame in the make above.


A variety of craftsmanship skills is employed by our specialised team to create those unique maps. Using the finest cotton canvas, each map is printed with the highest resolution on large format printing technology. Gentle smudges, distressed edges, and intricate fold marks are just a few of the techniques we employ to give each original map a touch of the past.

We take special care in the finer details. Each map is suspended from carved aged wood or a custom-made antique metal pull-down frame. Put to the test, every finished map is hung and meticulously inspected to be sure it is of the highest standard and ready for shipping to your home. The final product is a fine, unique, and accurate map. It is perfectly crafted to create a sense of a historical piece of artwork.

Selecting the wood

Making part of a frame

Crafting table


We carefully pack and ship each one of our maps in rigid tubes to ensure a safe journey. Shipping insurance and a tracking number are standard with every map. Our items also make exceptional gifts for any occasion. You can read more about shipping policies here.

Shop our maps by geographic categories

We are sure that you will love our map. In fact, so sure that we are offering a 100% money-back guarantee.

Making your wall beautiful, mapping your experiences, and bringing out your inner explorer.

High-resolution large maps | 100% Satisfaction Guarantee | Customisation | Superior Customer Service | Quick Shipping